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UBS's Security Practices

The following is the list of measures we have taken to safeguard against various security risks:

128-bit Secure-Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption

All data transferred between you and UBS e-banking will be "scrambled" (encrypted) into an unrecognised form before it is sent out into the Internet. As the data sent is in an "unreadable" form, it protects your confidentiality even if the data is intercepted in the Internet in an unauthorised manner.

Digital Certificates

UBS e-banking uses the VeriSign digital certificate, one of the most-established companies that issue digital certificates. Digital certificates are presented to your browser when you access the UBS e-banking page. This allows you to check the authenticity of the page you are accessing. You can ensure that the page you are accessing is authentic (i.e. really from UBS and not anywhere else) by checking your Web browser properties and confirming that the digital certificate is issued to UBS.

Secured Login

UBS e-banking uses the RSA SecurID system's two-factor user authentication solution. While attempting to log into the UBS e-banking system, you have to identify yourself with two unique factors - something you know (your password) and something you have (your SecurID token).

You will have a SecurID token that generates new random numbers or One Time Password (OTP) for login every 60 seconds. This will be combined together with your password for authentication purposes.

Automatic Time Out

If there has been no activity in your logged in session for more than 20 minutes, your session will be automatically terminated to protect against any unauthorised access into your account.

Track Last Login
UBS e-banking tracks your last login date and time. This allows you to track if there has been any unauthorised access into your account.


UBS e-banking uses cookies to keep track of your current session. They do not contain any personal information. You will have to accept the cookies to be able to log into the system.

Monitoring of Irregularities

A dedicated UBS Internet Security Team monitors for any system irregularities and intrusion activities.

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