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Benefits of Internet Banking

Welcome to "UBS e-banking" Internet Banking. "UBS e-banking" is a one-stop alternative channel where you can access a wide range of financial services. You can:

  • Manage your portfolios and accounts, including viewing of your current account balance and transaction histories
  • View your current account balance

  • View your transaction histories

  • Access the latest market quotes

  • Access research on investment instruments and market comments

  • Send and receive secured messages from/to your client advisor

"UBS e-banking" Internet Banking offers you fast and convenient 24-hour access to your portfolios everyday, anytime, anywhere. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet.

Risks of Internet Banking

However, the Internet is a world-wide-interconnected network of computers that use the TCP/IP protocol to facilitate data transmission and exchange.

Due to the open nature of the Internet, all web-based systems such as Internet Banking are inherently subjected to risks such as:

  • Malicious virus attacks

  • Hacking illegally into your online account to obtain unauthorised access to your data and performing fraudulent transactions

At UBS, your data security and privacy is of paramount importance to us. We have put in place a suite of Security Practices and measures to safeguard against these risks. However, it is important for you to understand what you can do to further protect yourself against these risks and to understand Your Roles and Responsibilities in safeguarding your e-banking access and hence financial and personal information.

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